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03 February 2012 @ 05:29 pm
Community Rules  
Welcome to One Beautiful Day. The purpose of this community is to help raise funds for one beautiful day for someone.

This is a work in progress, expect the rules to be added to and modified as we moved forward.

1. All beneficiaries will need to apply to the mods per the instructions given during the application period. The request can also be made by someone on behalf of the beneficiary.
2. The request must be for a specific day with details for how the money raised will be used.
3. The mods will weigh the entries and decide which applications to accept and when the auction will run.
4. The person requesting the auction will be responsible for spreading the word to draw both people to offer their goods and people to bid on those goods.

1) Auctions will be announced by the mods with information regarding who the auction is for, time frame for offerings and bids.
2) Anyone can make an offer
3) Anyone can bid on an offer.
4) Anyone who fails to deliver an offer within the agreed upon time frame will not be allowed to make an offer in the next auction.
5) If the highest bidder on an offer fails to make payment in a timely manner, the win will go to the next highest bidder and the bidder who failed to make payment will not be allowed to bid in the next auction.