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03 February 2012 @ 05:28 pm
Frequently Asked Questions  

1) What kind of "beautiful day" are we talking about?

We welcome creative proposals. From helping a couple with very little money get the wedding of their dreams, to a 50's themed sweet sixteen party, to throwing your parents a 50th wedding anniversary party...it only needs to be for a specific date, and it should be at least two months out to give us time to run the auction.

2) How does this work?

We will post an announcement about an upcoming auction so that supporters can pimp out the comm and rally people. Posts will go up for specific categories of offerings (Generally Fic, Graphics, and Misc.) All comments will be screened until we're ready to start the bidding. Those offering fic/art/etc for bidding will comment on those posts with the necessary information. Once we open for bidding, bidders will comment on your comment with their bid.

3) How will the money be used?

The money raised will be used to pay for our beneficiary's beautiful day. It will be collected via paypal and distributed to the beneficiary.

4) What kind of offerings can I make?

Pretty much anything really. Be creative. Fic in any fandom. Beta offers in any fandom. Fanmixes of music. Jewelry. Icons. Wallpapers. Headers. Tarot readings. Photos. Knitting/crotchet. Fabric arts. Cookies. Homemade jelly. Spare children. Just remember that any physical item must be shipped, and you will have to pay for the shipping.

5) Can I make a direct donation instead of bidding on something?

Yes, of course. Paypal donations can be made. Information for each auction will be posted regarding how and where to do so.

6) How shall we spread the word?

I'm so glad you asked. Please feel free to pimp us out in your journals.

Please provide links back to the comm or to the individual sign up posts.